25 May 2018

Chemist's day 2018

Company Preiss-Daimler Tatneft-Alabuga fiberglass presents the results at the exhibition on chemist's Day in Nizhnekamsk

Within the framework of the joint exposition of the enterprises of JSC "Tatneft" presented products of  «Preiss-Daimler Tatneft-Alabuga fiberglass", presents the results of the plant for the production of fiberglass.

In 2017, more than 24 thousand tons of commercial products were produced and sold. The product portfolio of the joint Russian-German company Preiss-Daimler and Tatneft-Alabuga fiberglass today is more than 84 types of fiberglass products: roving, chopped fiber, fiberglass more than 80% of the products produced at the plant are supplied to the Russian market and CIS countries, about 20% - for export. The main export consumers are world-class automakers using fiberglass products for the production of interior and exterior parts of cars. For 7 years of work the enterprise took the leading positions in the domestic and foreign market.  The plant's products are supplied to more than 10 countries. The main consumers of the plant's products are Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Germany, Latvia, France, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Hungary, Turkey. Negotiations with consumers from Bulgaria, Serbia and Iran are underway.

In preparation for the modernization of the glass furnace, scheduled for 2018, the company has done a lot of work to obtain state support for the financing of the project. The amount of preferential loan From the Fund for the development of industry of the Russian Federation for the modernization of the glass furnace in 2018 amounted to 441.5 million rubles.

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